Lamborghini Hoverboard

A  very popular gadget a lot of people are loving are the hoverboards. While at first I wasn’t all that interested in them, once I saw that they were making Lamborghini hoverboards, my interest was piqued. I’m a big Lamborghini fan, so I started looking into them a little more. It turns out they are actually pretty awesome. Of course, like any other hoverboard, you can stand on them and roll around. This one however has a lot of cool features that made me want to get one. The things I mostly like about it are the style, the lights, and the bluetooth connection.

black and red lamborghini hoverboard


What first attracted me to the lamborghini hoverboard was the style. Lambos are simply awesome, so getting a smaller (and cheaper) mini version that emulates the style is a pretty neat thing to have. They come in different colors, but the most popular seem to be the white and the gold. I guess those are the most flashiest, most “exotic car”colors you can can get which is why they are so popular.

The style is definitely befitting a Lamborghini with it’s sleek design.

colors of the hoverboards lamborghini style


8 inch allow wheels

these are great because a  lot of other models come with 6.5 inch wheels. When you step up onto the hoverboard you can tell you’re a good 1.5 inches taller and the larger wheels give you a greater sense of stability. Also, the 8″ inch wheel models have a bigger hoverboard body, making it a little nicer-looking overall.

8" wheels

LED Lights

light in the darkThe LED lights add a lot to the style of the hoverboard. It might not look like a real lamboghini nearly as much without the lights, so this is a really nice feature. The lights are located on top of the wheels’ covering, in the front and on the center of the board between where you put your feet.

The lights look great in the dark, as you can see in this picture.


2 hoverboards with lightsI don’t know what kind of speakers it comes with as I can’t find that information anywhere on their site or with anything that came with the box, so I guess they are just standard speakers. They do have a nice sound to them, though.

Technical Stuff

The battery last betweeen 1  1/2 and two hours. It comes it a remote to turn the hoverboard on and off and also has the ability to lock it. It is water resistant and goes up to 8 miles per hour.

Note that the maximum weight load is 260 lbs, so if you are at or above that weight you might want to reconsider.


Here are some nice unboxing videos you can check out. Rather than make my own, these guys have already done a good job of showing you what you get so you can check them out here.


Red – This kid has the red lamborghini hoverboard from Smart Balance Wheel. It’s a good video that shows him opening up the box, and riding it around. He also hooks it up to a phone and starts playing a Pandora station, which is a great idea.

Silver – This video shows the silver hoverboard. He also shows why it might not be a good idea to put any stickers on it. He put some sticky tape on there to keep it from getting scuffed if he fell, but when he peeled it off it ripped off the paint with it.