So, why does a hoverboard have bluetooth? I wondered this myself as I looked into these but once you try it it’s actually a great idea. The bluetooth allows you to connect your phone, computer, or any other kind of device to your hoverboard and play sounds and music over it. The lamborghini hoverboard has some pretty decent built-in speakers that allow you to listen to music while you are riding around.


If you’re weird like me, you can listen to an audiobook on your lambo hoverboard while riding around the house.

The tires are sturdy enough to where to can probably ride around outside in your neighborhood on it. This is assuming there is a paved area to ride. I’m sure you can ride this in the grass, but I prefer to keep mine clean and nice looking so I don’t take it off-road.

The lamborghini hoverboard bluetooth feature is a lot of fun since it let’s you play your music while you ride.

This guy has a video where you shows off a bit of the sound quality of the speakers in the hoverboard. If you want to skip ahead to 3 minutes and 45 seconds, you can get right to the part about the bluetooth speakers. Before that he’s just taking it out of the box and trying to ride it. It’s not that hard to ride, so I’m guess he just hasn’t done it before. You can hear that the sound quality is pretty good.

Why I Like This Feature

On a side note, I’d have to say that while some may overlook this feature it’s probably on of the more important ones for me. Music is something that can add greatly to any experience and while it might not seems like a big deal, being able to roll around while listening to your favorite tunes is pretty cool.

I like to have my Google Play Music open so I can listen to it on my phone. What’s really cool about Google play is that you can download all the songs you want to your phone so you can have it on your device. This means tat you don’t have to use your phone’s data to stream music like you would with other services like Pandora. Don’t get me wrong, I like Pandora. I have fond some of my favorite artists on there and probably would never have even heard of them if not for their recommendations. But, Google Play has the same thing where they recommend songs to you that are in a similar style, but you can also create playlists of your favorite songs, too. Add to that the fact that you can download the songs to listen to them later without suing up you phone’s data, and they are definitely worth the ten bucks a month.

Overall, this is really a toy for big kids and the young at heart. So, I think it’s a great little feature to make it that much more fun to play with.