Ok, so here’s possibly the coolest thing you have ever seen in your sweet life.

gold hoverboard

Yes, that my friends is a gold lamborghini hoverboard. Not only does it have the LED lights that light up on top of the wheels and on the front, it is also covered in this awesome chrome gold finish. This thing looks amazing as you can see here in this unboxing video.

The shiny gold looks really nice with the black foot pads.

I know there are some people that have put shiny gold wrapping on their regular hoverboard to try to make it looks like this, but to be honest it doesn’t look anywhere near as good as just getting the real thing. I’m a little surprised by the feedback on YouTube and how positive it is. I’m usually a pretty positive person and when I saw the video I was sure there were going to be some pretty nasty comments about this guy putting gold wrapper on his hoverboard, but there wasn’t any. In fact, most people were saying how good it looked and are liking this video because he says he’s going to give the gold hoverboard away when he hits 20k likes! There’s nice people on YouTube? Go figure.

Anyway, here’s that video:

Another guy spray painted his hoverboard to make it look like this one… the response was not so friendly. I won’t post that video here. No need to spread negativity.

It’s Not That Expensive

Anyway, I recommend just buying a lamborghini hoverboard in gold if you really want one. They are not that much more expensive that a non-gold hoverboard and you waste tons of time trying to make it look like the gold one. Also, even in the end, it still doesn’t look as good as the real thing.

So, needless to say, I really happy with my shiny gold lamborghini hoverboard. At the risk of sounding like this guy:

i love gold gif

But I love lamborghinis, hoverboards, and gold. So, because of math:



  8" wheels

=gold hoverboard

What’s not to love?

It plays music and lights up and does all the cool things it should do. It gives me plenty to keep me entertained. Honestly, the bluetooth connection is a really cool feature that you wouldn’t think would be all that important but it is. The ability to play your own music and ride around is great. You could do this with earbuds, but then you can’t hear what’s going on around you and that can be dangerous. You definitely don’t want to have earbuds in when there are cars around.

A lot of kids use this in their neighborhood in the street where the occasional car does pass by, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to have your earbuds in just because you want to listen to your music while you ride around on your lambo. So, being able to blast you tunes on the speakers is a nice touch.

This will have to serve nice as a placeholder until I get my real gold lamborghini.